The Old Herborn University promotes science and research. In particular, we are dedicated to improve the understanding of host-microbiota interaction for the benefit of human health. In this field of expertise, the Old Herborn University:

  • Identifies gaps in current knowledge;
  • Develops new directions in research;
  • Executes its own projects and actions;
  • Translates new evidence for clinical applications.

In addition, we actively encourage:

  • international scientific collaboration to enhance research and theory in the field of medicine, biomedical and life sciences;
  • the organisation of relevant international scientific symposia;
  • the worldwide exchange of knowledge on host-microbiota interaction;
  • the granting of allowances for projects that fit the OHU objectives;
  • the award of grants, allowances or similar payments for the promotion of (advanced) training of young academics;
  • the cooperation between organizations and institutions that have similar aims as the Old Herborn University Foundation.

What are microbiota?

A vast number of microbes have taken up residence in the human body. These human microbiota include bacteria, fungi and viruses and play an important role in our health.

433 years of history

The Old Herborn University is a non-profit organization with a proven track record and long standing history. Its origins date back to 1584 when John VI founded it as a stronghold of the Reformation.

Latest News

James Versalovic elected AAM fellow

James Versalovic has been elected to fellowship in the American Academy of Microbiology.

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Tore Midtvedt awarded The Royal Norwegian Order of Saint Olav 1st class

Professor Tore Midtvedt, who is a member of the Old Herborn University Science Advisory Committee, has been awarded The Royal Norwegian Order of Saint Olav 1st class for his work within the field of Medical Microbiology on October 8, 2018. The Order of Saint Olav is a Norwegian order of chivalry that was instituted by King Oscar I on August 21, 1847. The orders are presented by the Norwegian monarchy for outstanding achievements for both the nation and humanity: "bel√łnning…

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